Improve negotiations on
basis of professional data

If you want to negotiate the best rates for your company on an equal footing with experienced hoteliers, you have to know your company’s total accommodation volume.


For this, you need a consolidated database – an essential prerequisite. Before any hotel shopping takes place, you should be able to answer the following questions:

  • What are your annual expenses for hotel accommodation?
  • How many employees travel regularly for your company and require overnight stays?
  • What are the most visited destinations?
  • Is your accommodation volume sufficient in these destinations in order to negotiate price reduction deals?1)
  • Does your company already have corporate rates negotiated with any individual hotels or hotel chains?
  • How are these corporate rates used?
  • Has your company negotiated corporate rates with more than 10 hotels or hotel chains in any one location?2)

1) Note: As a rule, in the case of less than 50 overnights per year, you will be unable to secure any significant discount/advantage from hotels. The time and effort required for negotiations is not worth it in this case.
2) Note: We recommend a maximum of 5 hotels per city.

Approximately 60% of all companies in Germany and an even higher number of global companies cannot give detailed answers to these questions. Numerous business studies by various industry associations and institutions have repeatedly highlighted these deficits.

This is where we can help: Using ehotel’s Business Reporting Tool, you will have all the relevant figures at your fingertips that you will need to answer the above questions.
From this, you can make a targeted, volume-based hotel purchase. As an additional service, experts from ehotel can of course take on this task for you.

Structured Database with ehotel Business Reporting Tool – tailored exactly to your needs

The ehotel Business Reporting Tool will help you get all the information you need to complete your hotel shopping – even for meetings and events – without incurring additional costs.

We process booking-relevant information in real time, including company-specific extra data (such as cost centres, project numbers or employee ID’s) and provide this information for later analysis via an easy-to-use online portal. Of course, all data collection processes are in line with the most stringent data protection regulations.

You can comfortably access your data through a secure internet connection and your internet browser. No installation of additional software is required. The statistics are displayed directly on your computer screen. Print or export of the data for later processing as a CSV or MS Excel file can be done at any time. We can also send you quarterly summaries or automated management reports, upon request.