ehotel –
your fair sales partner

With ehotel as your partner you can secure additional sales for your hotel and a higher occupancy rate, especially in the business traveller segment. Get a free listing on as well as on our 500 special corporate portals, travel agency partners and affiliate networks!
 For this service we expect a moderate commission of 12% of the total turnover. We believe this is a fair deal, even when compared to our major US competitors. After all, we also have high advertising costs, which benefit our hotel partners and bring them greater attention and visibility. In addition, we believe that a monopolization of the hotel portals will ultimately impact you as a hotel operator or marketing professional.

ehotel also works in conjunction with large price comparison websites; these further increase your visibility enormously, allowing you to easily and comfortably receive private customer bookings.
Via the connection of ehotel to the OBE’s of Atlatos, Cytric, Onesto and VICTOR, we also open up many new sales opportunities in the upper and middle class segment to our hotel partners.

In particular, ehotel can connect you with business travellers, an attractive target group from the mid-range sector. We focus especially on these business customers with our newly developed meta-search technology, which saves business travellers time in finding their dream hotel. At ehotel, we simply have the biggest offering, resulting in greater availability. Additionally, our participation in the international Radius Travel Network also opens up new opportunities.
 By joining forces with ehotel, you can reduce the costs of your own sales processes. Direct negotiations with individual hotels are usually not worth the time and effort, due to the generally small accommodation volumes of individual companies.
With a reduced ehotel corporate rate, you get flexible booking conditions and/or free extra services – meeting the precise needs of business travellers and putting you ahead of the competition.
If you already have a GDS connection (i.e. DHISCO / Pegasus UltraDirect or Amadeus), you’ll be able to make your property visible on ehotel with little more than the push of a button.
Even as an independent hotel, you can have direct and easy access to our ehotel extranet, thus enabling you to control your data and availability yourself.

What you get:

• A free listing on ehotel
• A free booking link for your own website;
• A convenient availability and contingency control tool, tailored to your needs;
• Full control over prices and availability;
• Display of multiple room categories;
• Integrated yield management.