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strong partner

ehotel offers you a large selection of hotels – you should take a look at for yourself. Whether or not you are making use of the full GDS programme, whether you’re searching for a hostel in Bielefeld or a 5-star resort in the Seychelles, whether you are visiting a business destination or want a tropical getaway – every type of dream hotel is available to our customers, worldwide.
The ehotel affiliate RADIUS travel hotel programme alone provides you with a selection of some 35,000 hotels, including leading hotel chains with corporate rates and last-room availability!

Our service for you

• ehotel smart billing solutions: one collective invoice with VAT identification and all independent reports (central billing);
• Existing interface to OBE‘s: cytric, Atlatos, Onesto and VICTOR;
• Unique layout options for customer-specific integration into your corporate website;
• Filing of company rates;
• Integration of corporate travel directives;
• Notation of company locations for simplified location-based search;
• Passive PNR segment for integration into GDS travel plans.

Our conditions for you

• Cooperative 50% commission sharing;
• Attractive reimbursements;
• No minimum conversion;
• Availability of telephone service centre included;
• 24/7 online business reports included (also applicable for travel tracking);
• No setup or implementation costs;
• Customer protection according to German law (no poaching!).