pay and settle bills centrally –
with ehotel® central billing

As your company’s responsible booking, travel or mobility manager, you know the problem all too well. The reduction of costs for an overnight rate simply isn’t enough. Employee’s hotel expenses must be evaluated and settled, along with other travel expenses, later. However, this is often easier said than done. This is especially true for the decentralised hotel sector, where many service providers are piling up individual invoices on the desks of travel managers, booking agents, or secretaries. Moreover, it is often unclear which department or which project the accommodation costs should be attributed to.
The result is a costly and time-consuming process of invoice procurement, management, allocation, accounting and billing.
You want a streamlined process: book hotels comfortably and easily from one source, paying a reasonable price and receiving a single cumulative bill—instead of many individual receipts later. Ideally, the collective invoice should then contain relevant company-specific data such, as cost centres, project numbers or personal employee codes for easy cost allocation. A VAT statement for the tax office is also desirable. Additionally, you want to relieve employees and the accounting department via the reduction of advance payments and by a central assumption of costs by the company. Not to mention the fact that extra traveller costs, such as use of the minibar, pay-for TV and other private surcharges, are not to be billed. If this can be accomplished, some 20-30% of process costs can be saved—provided these processes can be streamlined with minimal cost.
Don’t think it’s possible? With the services of ehotel’s payment solutions, it’s not a problem.

Easy check-in and If you choose to become a registered corporate cost absorption/transfer

If you choose to become a registered corporate customer, we will create and send you an overview of all of your costs, simple and free of charge, including:

  • Automatically created company-specific cost absorption/transfers (according to your company’s travel expenses directive) at the time of booking
  • Filing of company-specific invoicing addresses and additional data
  • Optional corporate credit card provided as a guarantee
  • If requested, a specialty credit card from ehotel

ehotel payment solution in cooperation with credit card companies

  • Hotel reservations are booked quickly and easily by the customer via the hotel reservation system or the service centre. It can be decided on a transaction-by-transaction basis, whether the hotel will be paid for via a corporate credit card from a third party, e.g. via American Express MICE solutions, or whether the traveller should pay at the hotel. During the booking process, additional company-specific data for later processing will be requested or downloaded from the existing database.
  • In addition to the booking, ehotel will transmit payment information in the form of corporate sponsorship to the relevant hotel. The corporate customer has the option to define exactly which costs will be taken over by the company
  • After the guest’s departure, ehotel receives the bill from the hotel, checks the bill for correctness, and approves it for billing using the customer’s previously provided credit card information. If there are any discrepancies, ehotel® handles communication between hotels and customers for clarification.
  • The customer receives a consolidated invoice regarding the payment provided, including additional data. Individual invoices referring to VAT may be necessary for the tax office.
  • It is also possible to pay on ehotel via virtual credit cards through OBE systems such as Atlatos, Cytric and Onesto.

central billing solution from ehotel

As a registered corporate customer, we also offer you a complete billing solution for all of your hotel bookings, payments and invoicing in any specified billing period. This gives you the following advantages, cutting down on your travel management work:

  • A clear hotel invoice including VAT ID and all additional documents
  • Usability in all hotels worldwide, regardless of credit card acceptance
  • Any additional data requested by your company, such as cost centre, personnel number, project number, etc.
  • Billing of the specified cost range according to your corporate travel cost guidelines
  • Simple integration into existing accounting, personnel management or other billing systems (for example SAP or CSV) via various electronic invoice formats – i.e. mail (also encrypted) or as a PDF file
  • Time-consuming external invoice document procurement is no longer needed
  • Any discrepancies will be clarified directly by ehotel with the hotel and/or traveller, as needed;
    No implementation costs
  • Remuneration is calculated as a percentage according to expenditure – guaranteeing no hidden additional costs
  • Free evaluations and reports according to your specific needs

Smart Billing – tailored to your company’s needs

With its smart billing solutions, ehotel simplifies your workload for booking and paying hotel rooms by 20-30%. In addition, you get absolute transparency and oversight of cost control. You can make a sample calculation yourself with our specially developed Business Travel Saving Calculator. Give it a try!

You can put your trust in on our many years of experience: Since the introduction of our central billing solution for overnight accommodation in 2007, ehotel has successfully handled millions of hotel bookings via its in-house smart billing solution. At the same time, the company has constantly invested in the further development of its technology and expanded its billing expertise, allowing for further refined solutions.

As a result, ehotel now stands out in the market thanks to its unique variety of solutions that can be tailored to specific corporate needs – for any company, even yours.